Running in an Urban World - A Runners Guide to Avoiding Pollution

Aside from safety concerns runners who dwell in tightly packed urban areas have to deal with pollution. It would be counter-productive to continue on running while developing major lung problems. Though pollution in a large city is unavoidable, a runner can take these three simple steps to minimize the harmful effects of pollution.

Running On Off Peak Hours

To save yourself from the nasty emissions of combustion based vehicles it is best to try and avoid them totally. Running during hours of least traffic will ensure that you will get the least polluted air possible.

Different roads have different peak hours. So make sure you try and find out which times are least to have vehicles in your route. This may mean that you will have to wake up earlier or start out later than most people's morning run.

Avoiding Highly Polluted Routes

This may be simple statement but avoiding areas that usually have traffic jams is good for minimizing your inhaled toxins. Road junctions, convenience store locations or roads leading to large interstates are best left to vehicles only.  When you have almost any inquiries regarding exactly where in addition to how to make use of n95 mask, you possibly can e-mail us from our own site.

Urban dwelling might also be close to industrial factories. It is best to avoid them especially at mornings when dirty chemical ridden air comes down. Sewerage substations are also places you should avoid since they are a source of nasty bacteria that can give you lung infections.

The ideal places to run on in an urbanized setting are those back alleys or purely residential areas. Running here can mean fewer distractions and fewer vehicles that are the source of stuff that may mess up your lungs.

Wearing a Mask

Wearing masks may be a bit weird. But if you visit some countries like China or Japan it seems to be a common sight. With the height of airborne virus threats like swine flu, wearing a mask will not only prevent you from inhaling lead but also keep you safe from other people's germs.

If you cannot stand the thought of being Darth Vader of the streets at least bring a handkerchief or a small towel to cover your nose with. Inhaling the deadly smoke from cars could be as worse to your health as smoking.

A runner can minimize exposure to pollution while running in an urbanized placed if he follows these three simple steps. It may require a lot of tweaking in your running schedule and route but if you value your health you will want to avoid inhaling polluted gases as much as possible. You may also find it difficult to wear a mask or cover your nose. This little inconvenience will greatly decrease the amount of pollution your body takes in.    

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